condominium Attorneys

Schofield Law Group has extensive experience representing developers, associations, trustees, and property managers in the formation, operation, and management of both residential and commercial condominiums.  Condominiums and their boards are primarily governed by the condominium documents and the Massachusetts Condominium Act (Mass.Gen.Laws, Chapter 183A), as well as the common law.   We are intimately familiar with the nuances of condominium documents and the relevant law which enables us to provide prompt and accurate advice and counsel to our clients. 

          The management and operation of a condominium involves both legal and practical considerations. Managers and associations must not only comply with complex legal and regulatory requirements, they must also operate their buildings in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  We have the knowledge and experience to help our clients do both. 

"As a property manager whose condominium clients depend upon me, I know that I can always depend upon the professionals at Schofield Law Group. I frequently call or text them at night or on weekends and they always promptly respond. They are true partners to me and my clients."

Thomas Wood, Owner of JA Wood Management, LLC

advising and assisting managers and associations

Associations, trustees, and property managers are in constant need of advice and counsel from a trusted legal advisor.  We know that our clients need prompt responses and clear and certain guidance so that they can make informed decisions and take immediate action.  We pride ourselves on being a part of the management team.  

           Questions regarding creation, interpretation, and application of condominium documents are just some of the day-to-day matters with which we assist our clients.  We also review and analyze the documents to confirm that they serve the needs of our clients and comply with current law and best practices and, if not, to make appropriate recommendations for amendments.  Our team also ensures that collection of unpaid fees and assessments are initiated in a timely manner and that all proper notices are served to enforce the super-lien rights of our clients.  We also assist our clients in enforcing the rules of their condominiums and in contracting for the services of third parties.