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Better and Bigger

In the past eleven years, our firm has changed and evolved in many ways and 2015 has been another exciting year. We have expanded our practice and helped more clients resolve their disputes, manage their properties, and grow their businesses.  We have also focused on the growth and development of our own people, which enables […]

The Importance of Record Keeping

Condo associations and property managers are faced with the challenge of maintaining accurate and detailed records of fees and assessments due from unit owners.  Regular maintenance of records may seem like an obvious task, but when it comes to obtaining delinquent common expenses, keeping the books straight is more than just good business practice, it […]

Who we are and what we do…

As we embark upon a new year and as our law firm celebrates its 11th Anniversary, we have been reflecting on our work and our place in the legal market.  As a boutique law firm, we can and do provide a broad range of legal services, but we also have areas of particular expertise including […]


On November 7, 2014, the Massachusetts Appeals Court issued its decision in the case of Drummer Boy Homes Association, Inc. vs. Carolyn P. Britton et.al., which has major implications for condominium associations and property managers. The relevant issue in the Drummer Boy case was whether condominium associations can file multiple concurrent lawsuits to establish so-called […]

Mass. Legislative Activity, 2014

The Massachusetts Legislature has recently taken action on issues related to condominium law. During the past session, which ended this summer, two bills were introduced that sought to clarify or amend M.G.L. c. 183A, the current statute governing condominium law. Neither bill was enacted by both chambers (as is required in order to be signed […]

Mass. Legislature Aims to Strengthen Condo Rules for Financial Records

Efforts by Massachusetts lawmakers are underway to change the rules regarding condo financial records, potentially exposing condo associations to legal actions by unit owners. The Legislature is close to passing a bill that would force condo associations to make a variety of documents easily accessible to unit owners or risk paying the price in court.  […]

Schofield Law Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On January 16, 2014, Schofield Law Group, LLC celebrated its 10th Anniversary.  The firm was originally established as Schofield & Associates by Timothy N. Schofield, who had previously been a trial attorney with the Boston law firms of Sally & Fitch and Goulston & Storrs.  The firm initially focused on civil litigation, but quickly expanded […]

We have moved to the Back Bay!

A New Perspective After nearly ten years downtown, we have moved to the Back Bay (we are not cool enough for the Innovation District!).  We love our beautiful new offices, our amazing views (the picture is the view from my office), and our central location.  Our new address is: 29 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 700, Boston, Massachusetts 02116  

Extension of FHA “Flipper” Rule Good News For Buyers & Sellers Alike

While the FHA declared its waiver on insuring mortgages on properties owned by the seller for less than 90 days a temporary measure to help the foreclosure-plagued U.S. housing market, it has continually extended this waiver since 2010.  This indicates the strategy has been successful in promoting quick turnovers of such properties from small-time “flippers” […]

Condo Association’s Negligent Construction Claim Not Barred By Economic Loss Rule

A recent Appeals Court ruling held that the economic loss doctrine had been misapplied to a condominium association’s negligent construction claim, improperly reducing its recovery for defective window frames and a leaking roof.  The ruling was significant because the Court recognized that the common areas and privately owned units of the condominium were separate properties, […]