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New Medical Marijuana Law Leads to a Struggle to Comply with Existing Ones

While Massachusetts voters recently legalized medical marijuana, the debate is far from over.  Towns and landlords are left struggling to protect themselves while also complying with existing laws. Several Massachusetts towns and cities have discussed banning dispensaries altogether through the use of zoning bylaws and ordinances.  Others want to move them to adult or medical-zoned […]

Five Mass. Corporations Become B-Corps

Over the last few months, we have told you about the emerging concept of the B-Corp, which has since become an option for Massachusetts companies.  Since its introduction to the state, five companies have elected to be designated as B-Corps, in order to pursue a wide variety of business objectives.  These companies include Dancing Deer […]

The B Corp: An Emerging Concept

A new type of corporation has arisen in the form of the B Corp.  The term can be used to refer to either Benefit Corporations, which are recognized under the benefit corporations laws of an increasing number of individual states, or Certified B Corps, which are certified by the 501(c)3 nonprofit B Lab.  What all B […]

FHA Eases Condo Financing Rules

In good news for those in the condo market, the Federal Housing Administration has revised its rules for condo financing, undoing years of frustration at rules that made most condos ineligible for FHA loans and their benefits.  The changes were issued and came into effect on September 13, 2012. The FHA requires that certain aspects […]

Landlords Beware: Recent Decision Limits Fees

A recent federal court decision rebuked a large landlord for charging non-refundable amenity fees at the start of the lease.  See Hermida v. Archstone Properties (D. Mass. Nov. 29, 2011).   United States District Court Judge William Young found that such fees, which are often charged for cleaning or for use of common facilities such as pools, violate […]

Introducing the Schofield Law Group

It has been nearly nine years since I formed my own law firm and thirteen years since I started practicing law, and during that time I have learned that the best part of my job is serving as an advisor and advocate for my clients.  I take great pride in helping my clients to resolve disputes, […]

Living the Mission

Since forming in 2007, the mission of Schofield Campbell & Connolly, LLC always included public service and civic engagement because we believe that as attorneys we have a special obligation to give back to our community.  Our partners and associates stayed actively engaged in their communities and our firm performed substantial pro bono work.  It is because of […]