On January 16, 2014, Schofield Law Group, LLC celebrated its 10th Anniversary.  The firm was originally established as Schofield & Associates by Timothy N. Schofield, who had previously been a trial attorney with the Boston law firms of Sally & Fitch and Goulston & Storrs.  The firm initially focused on civil litigation, but quickly expanded to other practice areas including condominium law, property management law, zoning and permitting, and real estate transactions.

In 2006, Cathleen Campbell joined the firm, which then became known as Schofield & Campbell, LLC.  With the addition of Cathleen Campbell, the firm’s practice areas expanded to include criminal defense and probate law.  In 2007, John Connolly joined the firm, which then changed its name to Schofield Campbell & Connolly, LLC.  John Connolly helped the firm to expand its practice to include business transactions.  During his time with the firm, John Connolly also served on the Boston City Council.

In September 2012, Cathleen Campbell left the firm to become an Associate Justice of the Cambridge District Court.  She was nominated for the position by Governor Deval Patrick on August 7, 2012 and was confirmed by the Governor’s Council on August 29, 2012.  That same month, John Connolly left the firm to focus on his service as a Boston City Councilor.  Shortly thereafter, he announced his candidacy for Mayor of Boston.  In September 2013, John Connolly advanced to the final election for Mayor and lost in a very close election on November 5, 2013.

As the firm enters its second decade, it continues its commitment to providing high quality legal counsel and services and to helping clients achieve their goals by designing and implementing unique and innovative strategies for every case and every transaction.

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