Advising and Assisting Managers and Associations

We have extensive experience representing developers, property managers, and associations in the formation, operation, and management of both residential and commercial condominiums.  We consider ourselves to be part of the management team and we pride ourselves on helping our clients succeed.

The management and operation of a condominium involves both legal and practical considerations. Managers and associations must not only comply with complex legal and regulatory requirements, they must also operate their buildings in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  We have the knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve both goals.

Formation and Compliance

We advise clients on the formation and operation of condominiums and prepare all appropriate documents including Master Deeds, By-Laws, and Declarations of Trust.

Analysis and Amendments

We help associations and managers to understand and comply with the Massachusetts Condominium Act and their condominium documents including the Master Deed, Declaration of Trust, and By-Laws.  We also review and analyze condominium documents to ensure that they are up-to-date and help clients to develop, draft, and adopt necessary and proper amendments.  We also assist clients in electing trustees and keeping all public records current and accurate.


Accurate and timely notices are vital to collecting the fees to which an association is entitled and to taking advantage of the “super-lien” provisions of the Massachusetts Condominium Act.  We work closely with associations and property managers to provide all legally required notices and to take all other actions necessary to collect outstanding condominium fees, fines, and special assessments.

Enforcement and Litigation

We work closely with managers and trustees to proactively address violations of the condominium documents and the rules and regulations and other improper or disruptive conduct.  If necessary, we commence appropriate legal action to ensure compliance.  We also represent associations in all types of litigation including actions to collect unpaid condominium fees, fines, and special assessments.