Closing the Deal

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Our attorneys have extensive experience representing buyers, sellers, and lenders in residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Offers and Purchase and Sales Agreements

We advise clients even before an offer is made so they can be sure that their rights and interests are protected before they commit themselves to a deal.  We then help clients to negotiate the Purchase and Sales Agreement. Our attorneys help buyers and sellers navigate this complex and technical contract which needs to be tailored to the needs and objectives of each client.

Closings and Title Insurance

We represent lenders, buyers, and sellers at the closing of real estate transactions.  We prepare necessary documents and review and analyze the closing documents to ensure the transaction closes.  We are also certified to secure title insurance on behalf of buyers and lenders and, accordingly, we are adept at identifying and resolving title issues which could derail a transaction.

Condominium Transactions

Condominiums involve shared responsibilities and so buyers need to understand their rights and obligations before buying a condominium. Our attorneys have vast knowledge of condominium law and we carefully review and analyze the condominium documents including the Master Deed, Declaration of Trust, By-Laws, Meeting Minutes, and Budgets so we can properly advise our clients and address any outstanding issues.