Knowledgeable and Strategic Advocates

We have the knowledge, experience, and relationships to help our clients successfully develop both residential and commercial properties.  We understand that developing a real estate project from conception through completion requires knowledge of the law, as well as strategic thinking and the ability to communicate and coordinate with public officials, neighbors, and community leaders.

Based upon our experience and local knowledge, we work with our clients to identify potential issues before they arise and formulate effective strategies to earn the support of all stakeholders, including all necessary boards and commissions, local officials, abutters, and the community.

Legal Analysis

Real estate developments often involve complex legal and regulatory considerations at the municipal and state level.  We help our clients to understand the legal landscape and to develop proposals which maximize use and minimize delays and costs.

   Strategic Communications

We understand the need to effectively communicate with key stakeholders throughout the development process.  We help our clients to develop successful projects by engaging local officials and community leaders early in the process and by incorporating their input into the proposal.  We also seek constant feedback from stakeholders so that our clients can be aware of and quickly and properly respond to any emerging issues.  Our local knowledge and relationships help our clients to develop better projects, build long-term allies, and contribute to the social and economic well-being of the community.

Community Outreach

Projects that are built with the input and support of the community are more likely to be successful.  We work closely with abutters, neighbors, and others in the community to build consensus and help our clients to develop and tailor their proposals for approval.  By facilitating the relationship between the developer and the community we help our clients to anticipate issues and avoid legal challenges.

Zoning & Permitting Appeals 

We have extensive experience representing clients on appeals from decisions of local planning boards and zoning boards of appeal.  We understand the complex procedural and legal issues involved in such appeals and use that knowledge to aggressively pursue prompt resolution so that our clients can proceed.