SLG Celebrates 15th Anniversary

It is our crystal anniversary.   Champagne for everyone!  The past fifteen years would not have been possible without the strong and lasting relationships we have built with our clients and colleagues.  Thank you to all who have placed their trust and confidence in us.  We look forward to many more years of working together.  


In fifteen years, we have helped numerous clients resolve disputes, manage, acquire, and develop properties, and grow their businesses.  The following are just a few examples of our work:

CIVIL LITIGATION                                                      

  • In a case concerning the dissolution of a limited liability company, we successfully obtained dismissal of all claims asserted against our client, who held a minority stake in the LLC. Based upon our substantive and procedural arguments, the Essex County Superior Court dismissed all seven counts against our client.
  • In a case concerning payments allegedly due to a nursing home, we successfully argued that the Complaint filed against our client should be dismissed because the plaintiff lacked standing to assert claims on behalf of the estate of the deceased.
  • In a case filed against our client in California, we successfully argued that the case should be dismissed because the court lacked personal jurisdiction over our client, who is the trustee of a Massachusetts trust.
  • We represented a national medical device manufacturer in an action to enforce a non-compete provision against a former distributor of our client’s products and negotiated a settlement that enabled our client to protect its business interests.
  • We represented a large regional bank in a consumer action in New Hampshire District Court and obtained prompt dismissal of all claims against our client.


  • Following a six-day trial in Land Court, we obtained judgment in favor of client to quiet her title in real property.  Stigum v. Johnson, 2013 WL773069 (Massachusetts Land Court, 2013)
  • We obtained summary judgment for our client in Land Court on the grounds that an abutter who appealed a Special Permit granted to our client lacked standing to appeal.  90 Exchange, LLC v. Mayo Group Development, LLC, 2009 WL3818847 (Massachusetts Land Court, 2009).
  • In a case concerning the purchase and development of real estate, we successfully obtained dismissal of all claims asserted against our client and dissolution of a lis pendens recorded against the property. Based on the arguments asserted by SLG, the Middlesex Superior Court ruled that the alleged contract failed to satisfy the Statute of Frauds and granted our Special Motion to Dismiss pursuant to the Lis Pendens Statute, which entitled our client to recover its legal fees and costs.
  • In a broker dispute in Norfolk Superior Court, we obtained summary judgment for our client and then successfully defended our win in an appeal to the Massachusetts Appeals Court.  United Multifamily v. Mayo Eight, LLC, 72 Mass.App.Ct. 1102 (Massachusetts Appeals Court, 2008).
  • We represented a property owner in a multi-million dollar dispute over a long-term commercial lease and obtained a $12 million dollar lien that enabled us to negotiate a favorable resolution for our client.


  • We represent over 150 condominium associations in all aspect of managing and operating their properties.  We help trustees understand and enforce their condominium documents and help collect unpaid fees and assessments.  We also help trustees update and amend their documents and practices and represent them in contract negotiations and disputes with owners and vendors.
  • We represent several property management firms and help them to manage their substantial portfolios which include residential and commercial condominiums and rental properties.  
  • We represent several large landlords in various aspects of owning and operating their properties and have obtained numerous judgments in Boston Housing Court and various District Courts throughout Massachusetts.
  • We have represented numerous clients in developing new condominiums and converting existing buildings including preparation of all appropriate documents including Master Deeds, By-Laws, and Declarations of Trust.


  • We represent buyers and lenders in the purchase of residential and commercial properties.  We negotiate and prepare all necessary agreements and documents and review and analyze the closing documents to ensure the transaction closes.  We are also certified to secure title insurance on behalf of buyers and lenders and, accordingly, we are adept at identifying and resolving title issues.
  • We represented a client in developing a new three-unit condominium in South Boston and helped secure necessary zoning relief from the Zoning Board of Appeal. 
  • We represented clients in securing approval from the Zoning Bard of Appeal to build a roof deck on their unit in the South End of Boston. 
  • We represent several marijuana businesses in seeking to secure approval to open retail dispensaries within the City of Boston.
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