As we embark upon a new year and as our law firm celebrates its 11th Anniversary, we have been reflecting on our work and our place in the legal market.  As a boutique law firm, we can and do provide a broad range of legal services, but we also have areas of particular expertise including civil litigation and condominium law.  So, how do we succinctly convey our ability to handle many types of matters while highlighting our areas of specialty?

In other words, what is our elevator pitch?

Law in an elevator…

At this point, you should be humming an Aerosmith song of a similar name.  Seriously though, after much consideration we have narrowed our elevator pitch to one of the following:

“A full service law firm specializing in civil litigation and condominium law.”


“A general practice law firm concentrating on civil litigation and condominium law.”


“A boutique law firm focusing on civil litigation and condominium law.”

Since we live in the age of crowdsourcing, we are asking you, our friends, clients, and colleagues to help us determine the best one-line summary of our law firm.  We are also open to other ideas and suggestions so feel free to get creative!

Please e-mail your thoughts and ideas to

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